Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Translation Services Cleveland Ohio

Translation and Multimedia by Localization, LLC Translation Services

Localization LLC Translation Services
4807 Rockside Rd Suite 400
Cleveland, OH 44131

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Washington D.C.
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If you are looking to take your message beyond a written form, you will find our Multimedia services ready to lend a hand.

Voice over
Spoken language is one of the most effective ways to get your message across. That's where our team of voice talents comes in. They work closely with translators and studio engineers to ensure that your audio is flawless. The process begins with translating the original audio in the necessary language. The next step is editing that includes fixing the length of your original audio. This is necessary due to the fact that most of the text expands up to 30-40% when translated. It takes a very skilled translator to match the translation to the original length. Failure to do this may cause serious flaws in synchronizing the audio to the video thus causing major delays and expenses.

Subtitling is another process applied to visual format. If you wish to keep the original language in your video preserving its authenticity, we offer high quality subtitling services. The accuracy and cost-effectiveness of our certified professional translation experts crosses over to our subtitling department. Our translators and multimedia engineers are precise in creating subtitling translation as well as matching timing of the translations to the original on-screen speech.

Transcription is a service required when a spoken word needs to be put down on paper. It involves creating a document containing text heard in an audio file. The transcription is done in the same language as the original audio. A transcribed audio file can then be translated into a language of your choice. Files that may require transcription include: depositions, interviews, business meetings, conference calls, lectures, meeting discussions, seminars, etc.

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