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Localization, LLC Translation Services Expands

Published: Thursday, December 08, 2011, 10:45 AM     Updated: Friday, December 09, 2011, 2:38 PM
CLEVELAND, Ohio — Mr. Ray Michaels, founder of Localization, LLC Translation Services, has recently announced that despite sluggish economy performance, the demand for translation and language services has held up. which allowed the company to expand its presence in Chicago and Washington, DC. As the economy recovers, companies once again are looking to reach new customers.
Some companies are starting to increase their exports, others are making efforts to broaden their client base domestically; in both cases, the companies are targeting non-English speaking customers. And for Localization, LLC Translation Services, the news couldn't be better.
Localization, LLC Translation Services is a Cleveland based firm with additional offices in Chicago and Washington, DC that provides such language services as translation, interpretation, voice over, dubbing and Desktop Publishing. The company works with over 50 language combinations.
Localization, LLC Translation Services was founded in 2007 by Ray and his wife. Since then, the company has worked with leading Northeast Ohio businesses as well as companies in Washington, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, London, New York, Paris and Moscow. The main source of company’s business comes from translating manuals, legal cases, scientific works, financial reports, patents and personal documents.
As of late, Mr. Michaels points out that there has been an increase in demand for translation of medical equipment manuals. “There is a great demand right now for American made medical equipment,” says Ray. “Canadian, Mexican, South American and European hospitals are very interested in US made medical product and when you sell to a foreign country, all the supporting documentation has to be in the language of the country the product is going to.”
Mr. Michaels also adds that translation has evolved into a very diverse industry with services that may not come to mind right away when thinking of translation. That’s why in addition to translation and interpretation, one will also find that Localization, LLC Translation Services offers such services as desktop publishing, transcription of foreign languages, voice over and dubbing.
“Manufacturers and service companies always look for new innovative ways to take advantage of globalization and utilizing new media outlets,” notes Mr. Michaels, “that’s why Multimedia Services has been a great asset to the company.”
But one doesn’t have to look into conquering new foreign markets to realize that the need for language services is just as great in Northeast Ohio. Says Mr. Michaels, “Not only do we work with corporations, we still work with our local community which is very diverse. We are a country of immigrants. A lot of people are looking to translate personal documents from their native countries such as birth and marriage certificates, diplomas and other legal documentation. People are also looking for interpreting services for medical and legal appointments and we are always happy to provide a qualified interpreter.”
“Some people are fascinated when I tell them that I work for a translation agency and we work with over 50 language combinations,” concludes Ray, “and their first question is usually: ‘Oh my gosh, do you speak all those 50 languages?’”
“Fortunately, I am not the one man company,” laughs Ray.
More information about Localization, LLC Translation Services and its services is available at or by calling 216-785-5252.

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