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Price of Translation
So how much does translation cost? That's a very good question to one who needs it and who has never ordered one.

Translation may be more expensive than you think. We discussed previously all the labor and man hours that goes into producing a translated document. And all those people want to be paid! What is the world coming to...

Let's take a look in detail how the translation is priced. The price of translation is calculated based on a couple of criteria such as format of a document, subject, language and most importantly, word count.

1. When we talk about a format of a document this means what format a client gives us a file in and format that they want to receive it back: Word document, PDF, scan, InDesign, AutoCad, HTML, etc.

2. Subject also determines a price of a translation. A translation of a turbine manual is much more complicated than translating a birth certificate. So subject plays a big role in pricing the translation.

3. Language in taken into consideration based on its rarity.

4. Word count is the most solid piece of information that we use to price our translation. Once we receive the document we have to determine the number of words that is in a document. Sometimes it's much harder than one might think. Let's say we get a Word file for translation. All you have to do is look down at the bottom of Word to get the exact word count. It's not that easy with PDFs, scans or other documents. If a document is not in Word format, we must use special tools in order to determine the word count. It may take minutes or hours depending on length of the document. Luckily all quotes are free for our clients and there is never a charge for that.

So how much! may you ask. Well, considering all of the above, translation at our agency may cost you somewhere between 17 and 30 cents per word. Depending on your document, there are about 300 to 600 words that can fit on a page. These rates do not include professional DTP services or coding of your website if that's what you need translated. Best bet is to send us a document and will send you a detailed quote in no time! Once again, do call or email us all your questions. We'll be happy to hear from you! 


Localization, LLC Translation Services is a full service translation company providing comprehensive translation, localization and multimedia services in over 50 languages.

With offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Cleveland, Ohio, we at Localization, LLC Translation Services are much honored to provide language services to our clients in Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Washington D.C., San-Francisco, London, Moscow and Paris to name a few.

Our goal is to provide affordable translation services and stay committed to quality, customer service and detailed process. We strive to make ourselves available to our clients 24/7 making sure that they are well-informed of every step of the project progress from cost estimation to its completion.

One Post Office Square
Suite 3600
Boston, MA 02110

4807 Rockside Rd Suite 400
Cleveland, OH 44131

We offer translation and other language services in the following language combinations*
English <> Afrikaans • English <> Ainu • English <> Arabic • English <> Azeri
English <> Bosnian • English <> Bulgarian • English <> Burmese • English <> Buryat
English <> Cantonese • English <> Cham • English <> Chin languages • English <> Croatian
English <> Czech • English <> Danish • English <> Dutch • English <> Dzongkha
English <> English • English <> Estonian • English <> Farsi • English <> Finnish
English <> French • English <> Gan Hakka • English <> German • English <> Greek
English <> Hebrew • English <> Hungarian • English <> Indonesian • English <> Irish
English <> Italian • English <> Japanese • English <> Japonic • English <> Javanese
English <> Jingpho • English <> Karen • English <> Kazakh • English <> Khasi
English <> Khmer • English <> Korean • English <> Kuy • English <> Kyrgyz
English <> Lao • English <> Latvian • English <> Lithuanian • English <> Malay
English <> Maltese • English <> Mandarin • English <> Mandarin • English <> Mon
English <> Mongolian • English <> Mongolic • English <> Nicobarese • English <> Norwegian
English <> Nyaw • English <> Polish • English <> Portuguese • English <> Romanian
English <> Russian • English <> Serbian • English <> Slovak • English <> Slovene
English <> Somali • English <> Spanish • English <> Sundanese • English <> Tagalog
English <> Tamil • English <> Tatar • English <> Tetum • English <> Thai • English <> Turkic
English <> Turkish • English <> Turkmen • English <> Ukrainian • English <> Uyghur
English <> Uzbek • English <> Vietnamese

*Please contact us if your language is not on the list.

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