Monday, January 7, 2013


Some More Useful Info

If you are interested in typing in a different language on your PC, this could easily be accomplished! We'll cover MACs next time.
Go to Control Panel Clock Language, and Region Region and Language Keyboards and Languages on top menu. Then click on Change keyboards and then click on Add. Find your language and click twice on it. Then click twice on Keyboard and check the keyboard. After all that clicking, click OK and you are done with adding and clicking!

Once you add a language, an EN icon (for English) appears on the bottom of your monitor, where your date and time is. If you switch your computer to a different language, it would say something else, FR for example for French.

Don't forget to switch back to English when entering passwords! :) It will drive you crazy if you forget that your language is set to something other than the language of your password.

There is a really easy shortcut to switch between languages: Alt+Shift.

Now once you added a language to your computer, your problems just began since your physical keyboard is still in English! You'll need to learn blind typing in the other language  but that something we can look into next time.

Have a great week everyone!

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