Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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Ticker: LeBron James says postgame remark was lost in translation

LeBron James was in damage-control mode.
You know, for what he said after Miami’s Sunday night loss to Dallas in the decisive Game 6 of the NBA Finals, when he was asked if he was bothered by all his haters.
His answer was widely interpreted as no, because they all had to go back to their sad little lives, and he was still going to be LeBron.
That’s not what he meant.
“I think it was interpreted different than what I was trying to get out there,” James said Tuesday.
“Basically, I was saying, at the end of the day, this season is over and with all the hatred not only myself, everyone else has to move on with their lives. I wasn’t saying that I’m superior or better than anyone else, any man or woman on this planet. I’m not. That wasn’t my intent.”
Explanation accepted. But they still aren’t buying it in Cleveland.

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