Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Clients
Localization, LLC Translation Services works with a broad base of clients ranging from small advertising agencies to fortune 500 companies and national government and private security services.

Following is an example of one of the projects that Localization, LLC Translation Services has recently completed.

One of Canada's largest security service providers.
Translate company's 102 page proposal from English into French (Europe)
Finished documentation to be delivered in 48 hours.
Localization, LLC Solutions:
One of the most critical aspects of this type of project is its management. Missing the deadline by even an hour means that the project is deemed useless meaning loss revenue for us and our client. Localization, LLC Translation Services, appointed one of the most experienced project managers for this job. Since the text had to be broken up, the project manager was responsible for assembling a team of translators editors and quality control who had to work together to ensure that style of translation and terminology were consistent throughout. Computer Assistant Translation tools as well as clout tools also had to be utilized.

A team of 6 full time technical translators were the first ones to start on the project. Utilizing computer assisted translation programs and existing glossaries, the team was communicating using clout that allowed everyone to see the text being translated in real time. Seeing translation in real time allowed the translators compare their terminology and styles.

Once completed, a team of editors working together created one single document and edited the text making sure that it was of publishing quality without a single mistranslation or typo.

The last step was performed by the quality control team who ensured that the layout of the text was correct along with punctuation and any other aspects that might have been overlooked.

Due to confidentiality of the project, only full time translators were utilized for this project without outside help. Localization, LLC management made sure that all documents were password protected and were never to leave company's network .

Thanks to the experience and efficiency of translation and management team, Localization, LLC was able to deliver the project on time which lead then to ultimately winning the bid. Thanks to the efforts of our team, Localization, LLC has gained trust of very important client and showed professionalism and knowledge of the job playing a crucial role in the success of our client.

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