Friday, January 13, 2012

Translation Services Boston

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Legal Translation
US legal marketplace is extremely competitive thus, more and more law firms expand their client-base by offering their services to non-English speaking clients. Using an experienced legal translation firm may make a difference in winning or losing a case.
Using bilingual employees to translate legal documents could be a way to save money but it could also get you in serious trouble. Using computer assisted software could be a disaster. Translator is a profession with its procedures and code of ethics. Speaking another language does not qualify one as a translator. Professional translators know that their job is about understanding the original phrase and picking correct the terminology in the target language to convey the right meaning and spirit of the legal proceedings. Not something an untrained person, even less a machine, can do.
So what is one to do when in need of language support? Hire a professional. Here are a couple of pointers to follow when hiring a translation company:
Are translators native speakers of the target language? The importance of great command of source and target languages are a key to understanding the nuances and jargon that cannot be underestimated. Legal language is so specific, that sometimes misplacing a comma may spell a disaster.
Are translators specialized in legal subjects and experienced at using industry specific terminology?
Will the text be edited or proofread? Or both? Editing and proofreading by independent linguists is a necessary step to eliminate any possible typos or grammatical mistakes.
It’s very important to keep the same team of translators throughout the case. That way the text will be more consistent with the same terminology and style of writing.
Translation industry standard is about 10 pages per day or (3000 words). Faster turnaround is possible but that would result in assigning the project to more than one team that could lead to less consistent terminology and different writing styles.
So if your company is faced with a language barrier, there are plenty of options, it’s just a question of choosing the right one.
Localization, LLC Translation Services is a full service translation company providing comprehensive translation, localization and multimedia services in over 50 languages. With offices in Cleveland, Ohio and Boston Massachusetts, we at Localization, LLC Translation Services are much honored to provide language services to our clients in Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Washington D.C., San-Francisco, London, Moscow and Paris to name a few.
Our goal is to provide affordable translation services and stay committed to quality, customer service and detailed process. We strive to make ourselves available to our clients 24/7 making sure that they are well-informed of every step of the project progress from cost estimation to its completion.
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